Image of Harmon's Heart - Slippery Slopes

Harmon's Heart - Slippery Slopes

by Harmon's Heart


Harmon's Heart is the solo project of Jarom Bischoff, Owner/Operator of Exigent Records, formerly of Loom, The Hifi Massacre, and currently of Worst Friends. Slippery Slopes features his normal Guitar and Vocal style performance, but with added instrumentation including Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar, Chord Organ, Violin, Banjo, Electronics, Harmonica, Percussion, Etc. Violin for tracks 4 and 9 performed by Kim Pack. Banjo on tracks 2 and 5 by Beaux Underwood. And, back up vocals on track 7 by Ashly House. Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered, by Terrance Halterman at CounterPoint Studios, and Co-Produced by Terrance Halterman and Jarom Bischoff.